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Why FETC? EduTechGuys Hitting the Road

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Jeff has never been to FETC. David has been once. So, why are we so excited to be heading to FETC in order to provide live conference coverage? Because we want to talk to YOU!

  1. Participating: FETC (The Future of Education Technology Conference) is one of the largest, if not THE largest, technology education conferences in the nation. The conference format allows attendees to join in hour-long sessions, 20-minute quick talks, poster presentations, blogger’s cafe’ and more! It is one of the most exciting places to learn so much from so many different people, companies, organizations, and students.

  2. Sharing: One of the best things you can do with your conference-going experience (no matter which conference(s) you attend). Sure, you get the benefit of learning from the sessions you attend, but how much better is it when you take that learning and SHARE it with others? One of the best ways to do that is by visiting with us and talking about what you’ve learned, how you might apply what you’ve learned, and other takeaways.

  3. Connecting: Not only can you share your learning through the live broadcast, but as you share, we post to social media, helping you connect with other educators interested in learning more about what you learned. Through social media, you can build your professional learning network! We help you help others!

  4. Presenting: Are you presenting at FETC? Are you a sponsor of FETC? Do you have a vendor booth at FETC? If so, we’d love to talk with you! Come share your education technology ideas, thoughts, products or services with our listeners and encourage attendees to visit your session or your booth!

Be sure to look for the EduTechGuys broadcast table at FETC 2017! At the time of this writing, we believe we will be located in/near the Blogger’s Cafe’.

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