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  • Jeff Madlock

The Micro-Conference and its effect on a School District

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

This weekend we had the opportunity to participate in the TCCA (Technology Computer Conference of Aldine) for the second time. This time was even more exciting than the last. In fact, I think David and I would even say that it was “fulfilling.”  The conference is a micro-conference. It started at 7:30 a.m. with a keynote by Ken Shelton and ended at 2:30 p.m. with door prizes and closing remarks. We not only provided our normal conference coverage and interview several educators about the conference and their journey through education, but we also led two sessions at the conference. Both were heavily attended and the follow up was awesome.

So yeah, it sounds like we had a good conference, but it doesn’t end there. This micro-conference wasn’t just about educational technology. It was about the passion and purpose of the Adline School District. No, they didn’t go into it with that in mind – they created these small conferences to provide training and growth for their educators. It became more than that. It became an exhibition of the heart and passion of the staff and students of Aldine ISD. From the participating educators (many from other area school districts), volunteering educators and students, to the TCCA staff that built this, the level of excitement and pure joy was infectious.

Every person that walked through the library door (where we were set up) looked excited, refreshed, and eager to participate. Most importantly, the Aldine staff continually reminded us that they were there to make their district better. They met old friends and quickly shared what session they attended and what session they were headed to. The students were engaged and helpful, but most important, they were excited about the events unfolding and, in my opinion, the way their teachers were excited about their education.

The TCCA 2018 was a triumphant success. Not only as far as educational technology conferences go, but most importantly its effect on the Aldine ISD. It was a wonderful testament to, and continued expression of, the importance of growth for educational technology – not only for the educators within the Aldine ISD, but most importantly, the students they serve. I believe it is evident that more school districts should take this cue and begin creating micro-conferences for their educators. The benefits greatly exceed the desired results and as proved by TCCA, micro-conferences, help create a new avenue of pride, respect, and Esprit De Corps within the entity.

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