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The hardware is impressive, but the price is stifling

When I graduated college and got my first teaching job in my home town, I marched right down to the local bank and met with the loan manager about securing a loan for an Apple Powerbook 165. There were many obstacles to overcome. The first, what is a laptop, or for that matter a PowerBook? Second, $4000 for a computer that you carry around in a bag? And last, what do you have for collateral? After a lengthy discussion on Apple, the cutting edge technology of the PowerBook and putting my car up for collateral, I had my check in hand and within 3 weeks was the proud owner of said PowerBook. With 4mb of RAM, 33mhz processor and 80mb hard drive, I was a god amongst band nerds!

Today at noon (CST) I had a flash back 20 years. The new MacBook Pro is phenomenal. It is the most cutting edge piece of equipment Apple has every created. In this economy it is also very expensive. Sure $2200 is no $4000, but I remember geek discussions 20 years ago and many of us were sure that by this time the technology would be much cheaper. Individual buyers will be shelling out the money via already maxed out credit cards to get their hands on one. Unfortunately, schools, businesses and the thousands of freelance consultants will have to wait, this kinda horsepower for this kind of money is out of their reach.

Admittedly, this new MacBook Pro is the light saber of the digital world that every code Jedi will want in their arsenal. I hope this economy can handle it. I wish all the money and sales in the world for Apple, but they also need to take a good look around and realize that the millionaires club is still a small number considering the constant increase of humans on this great big marble. Give the power to the masses and watch the world erupt in creativity. Or maybe I’m wrong and those that can afford it are the only ones who deserve it. The hip hop moguls, sports stars and Internet entrepreneurs are what make the world go around.


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