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  • Jeff Madlock

Some News/Highlights Learned Monday AM #NotAtISTE

We’ve been peeking in on #ISTE2016 and #NotAtISTE to keep tabs on what’s happening in Denver this week! These are a few things gleaned from the flow of information and updates flying across Twitter and other social media:

  1. The new ISTE Standards for Students were released!

  2. Many topics being discussed in sessions, posters, etc:

  3. Mystery Skype –

  4. Blended Learning/Blended Classrooms

  5. GoogleMaps Amazing Race:

  6. Online Music Tools:

  7. 3D Printing in the Classroom with Lesson Plans!

  8. Helpful tip from @jjaysummers: LABELS! Have peel-and-stick labels printed with your contact info so you don’t have to write out your name/address on all the giveaway forms!

LOTS more info to be seen as well! Remember, follow the hashtag! #NotAtISTE

We’ll post more updates throughout the day!

#Conferences #iste #notatiste

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