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Show Notes – S1E7 – Guest: Kevin Honeycutt



  2. Welcome/Intros:

  3. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools, both located in Hope, Arkansas.

  4. Show outline:

  5. Today, we will kick things off with some of the news happening in education around the country and then we will bring on our special guest Kevin Honeycutt. We’ll listen to our featured artist of the week, Kevin Honeycutt and share other tips and information during this hour.

  6. Starting off with EduTech News,

  7. Update from Arkansas State Dept re: new testing – Summary notes

  8. Commissioner’s Memo LS-16-003 sets testing calendar:

  9. Window: Computer Testing April 11-May 13, 2016

  10. Window: Paper Testing, April 18-April 29

  11. The list of what is no longer in place is pretty extensive. Arkansas will no longer have Benchmark Science, no PARCC assessments. The ACT Aspire agreement also does away with Explore test, P-L-A-N, V-U-A-A, and EOC exams. Yes, that’s right – no more end-of-course exams for Algebra I, Geometry or Biology.

  12. Another big change involves student grouping. This coming school year, the Aspire test will based on grade level – NOT subject area. So, all 4th grade students will take all the tests. All 9th grade students will take all the 9th grade tests. There will be no separate test for Algebra or Geometry, for example. The math test covers a variety of grade-level materials. The courses, however, will not change – Arkansas is not doing any kind of combined math courses, for example.

  13. Training for Testing Coordinators and Technology Coordinators will be in the Fall. Test administrators will be trained late fall/early spring

  14. Summary of letter regarding E-Rate, duplicative services, etc.

  15. Last week, we spoke with Kimberly Wright who works in the El Paso school district. On Monday (July 20), the two largest El Paso ISD employee associations said they support a new measure that allows for local taxes to be used to help raise money for the district. Voters will decide in early August whether they agree with it. Part of the new tax arrangement helps boost salary schedules for teachers and staff in the El Paso ISD plus they will get raises ranging from 2-and-a-half to 3-and-a-half percent. There are about 1600 employees in the district.

  16. In Boston, Massachusetts, Tommy Chang, the new Superintendent of Schools there, came out with a 100-day plan. He started the job two weeks ago and is already raring to go! He wants to have a curriculum audit done at the high schools. He wants to develop a financial plan to stabilize the district. He also wants to update technology at the high schools, among other .

  17. Last week in Kansas, the State Board of Education approved a measure that allows non-certified instructors to teach in six districts known as “Innovation Coalition” districts. Kansas has had a mass exodus of certified teachers heading for surrounding states and elsewhere. Many teachers who have gone through the certification and have been certified for many years are not happy with this decision. In Arkansas, we have a similar program, but non-licensed instructors have to get certified. It used to be called Non-Traditional Licensure. Now, the Arkansas program is called “A-P-P-E-L” – the Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure. There are teacher shortages in many states, the face of education is changing, and states are trying to figure out what to do about it. We’ll keep an eye on things as they continue to develop.

  18. Kids 4 Coding Ranked #5 in Atlanta Technology Contest July 21, 2015 • 21 Views

Kids 4 Coding ranked #5 in the Atlan10 contest for Atlanta’s TOP-10 Most Innovative Young Tech Companies!

Kids 4 Coding is honored to be the only company ranked in the Top-10 with a focus on tech education for students in gr K-12.  We are proud of our accomplishments and very passionate about inspiring children and building brighter futures.

  1. Comments, etc about the news items/lead-in to Kevin Honeycutt

  2. Kevin Honeycutt

  3. – a lot like Kevin’s life, lot’s of stuff and eclectic as heck!

  4. Early Adopter of using technology

  5. Tradigital* Learning and Concepts, ideas, implementation

  6. Students as entrepreneurs

  7. Students & Teachers as Business Partners (S&TAPB Link)

  8. LaunchMe

  9. Open World Project – Ben Honeycutt

  1. Anything else Kevin wants to add in!

  1. Music Interlude

  2. Featured Artist of the week ________.

  3. Possibly Kevin and I playing and David singing.

  1. “Collect our thoughts”

  1. Google App Feature of the week



  4. Article in District Administration regarding Apps rollout in schools

  5. other topics?


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