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Show Notes – S1E5 – ETG Tech Talk


  1. Welcome

  2. Arkansas ISO Policy 7.16

  3. What is it and do we care?

  4. NFC and how do you handle Student ID’s

  5. Kevin Honeycutt Interview (Live or Recorded)

  6. Response/on air fight

  7. Cry on Air and makeup as much stuff as possible to fill time…

  8. Are you blogging

  9. Tumblr

  10. Wix

  11. WordPress

  12. Blogger

  13. Social Media

  14. Twitter

  15. FaceBook

  16. Google +

  17. Music Interlude

  18. Featured Artist of the week

  19. Nick Flora – Presence of Greatness

  20. Collect our thoughts

  21. Tech News

  22. Apple Boot Camp 1.5.4 drops Windows 7 support – impact for schools, alternatives to Boot Camp

  23. Speaking of CAMPing, Google Camp starts July 13 and is free!

  24. Google App Feature of the week

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