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Show Notes – S1E3 – Guest: Bobby Hart


  1. Welcome

  2. AASCD Conference

  3. About

  4. Commissioner Key

  5. Tech News

  6. Windows 10 – Not getting Full version of Windows 10

  7. Google – Unsend is now official in GMAIL

  8. Top 3 Learning Management Platforms

  9. Edmodo

  10. Google Classroom

  11. Moodle

  12. 7 EdTech Instruments To Develop Your Students Writing Skills

  13. Microsoft One Note Class Notebooks

  14. WriteToLearn

  15. Weebly For Education

  16. Bobby Hart Interview

  17. Charter Schools

  18. 1:1

  19. Blended Learning

  20. Why aren’t more schools promoting skills based advancement?**

  21. Twitter Chats for Education

  22. #currichat is tonight 8 pm EST! Topic: Effective K-12 Writing Programs.


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