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Show Notes – S1E27 – Guest: Sabra Eaton



  2. Theme Music

  3. Welcome/Intros:

  4. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools. We’d like to thank CDWG for providing some of the equipment we use on the show. (Introduce ourselves by name)

  5. Topics

  6. CES 2016 – Hits, misses, EduTech Connections, etc

  7. Touchjet WAVE – Device turns any TV into a touchscreen tablet. $199 Pre-Order. Will this replace interactive whiteboards, touch-tvs, etc?

  8. Oculus Rift – Virtual Gaming Headgear officially went on sale this morning. Pricing: $599; Education link? Maybe. But, things like the ViewMaster VR has lower cost (granted, not as interactive and requires device to use), already being used.

  9. Samsung’s “Smart Belt” – tracks health, etc. Tells waist size… As a morning show host recently commented: I have a belt that has these holes that tell me how my waist is doing – 3rd hole, 1st hole… Haha, no education link I can think of, just a goofy bit of tech.

  10. PitPat – Basically, FitBit for your dog… Seriously. Monitor activity, resting, etc. Again, no education tie-in, unless maybe a science fair project.

  11. Daqri Helmet – Daqri makes the app and physical cubes that students can use to virtually see elements (Elements 4d) and also anatomy (Anatomy 4d). Well, now they have a Smart Helmet, mainly aimed at construction and other hard-hat required situations. So, engineers, architects, etc could be viewing various 3d aspects of their project virtually while working on a particular piece of the overall project. Another example might be where a person is going around checking meters and the readings are recorded digitally in realtime, shared among certain personnel. Time-critical decisions could be made based on those instant readings. Education potential tie-in is wide open. As new apps are developed for the helmet, there is no telling how education may be impacted.

  12. Mcor ARKe Brings Full Color 3D Printing


  14. Guest: Sabra Eaton – Springdale Public Schools

  15. Have her introduce herself, tell a bit about who she is, where she works, etc

  16. passionate about student led conferences, student portfolios, integrating curriculum (I am working on my masters in curriculum), IEP’s for teacher PD(tailor made for every teacher), project share out night

  17. What machines are your teachers using?

  18. What PD, specifically,  have you found to be successful so far?

  19. #ArkEdChat – Give us a little spoiler on the future of #ARKEDCHAT

  20. Twitter: @sabrapro

  21. What’s next for her, her classes/students?

  22. Featured Artist:

  23. Nik Sea

  24. Wrap-up points

  25. Next week: Dr. Jim Beeghley will be our guest

  26. Google App Feature of the week

  27. LinkClump – Allows you to drag-select a series of links and open them in separate tabs.



  30. other topics?


** Use Periscope on the show!

** Blab??

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