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Show Notes – S1E24 – Guest: Andrea Keller



  2. Theme Music

  3. Welcome/Intros:

  4. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools (Introduce ourselves by name)

  5. Show outline:

  6. Guest: Andrea Keller

  7. http://busybeemusings.blogspot.com/

  8. http://busybeeideas.blogspot.com/

  9. Twitter @akbusybee

  10. Introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

  11. Let’s start by talking about “Connecting Classrooms.”

  12. What are some of the things schools want to know before they get going?

  13. What do you do to help classes get connected?

  14. What are some of the ways classrooms incorporate curriculum, standards, etc in a connected classroom?

  15. Who are some of the folks that you’ve helped classrooms connect or that you’ve heard of classes connecting to after working with you?

  16. Let’s shift gears a little and talk about “Multi-ability” students and classrooms.

  17. What is “multi-ability?”

  18. Without giving away everything you help schools with, what are a couple of the top-notch sites or apps you like to use to build ‘multi-ability’ classrooms?

  19. What’s next for you? Where will you be?

  20. Featured Artist:

  21. Wrap-up points

  22. Thanks to Andrea Keller for coming on to talk to us! Be sure to follow her on Twitter @akbusybee

  23. Next Week, we will be LIVE in New Orleans at the AESA Conference!

  24. Google App Feature of the week

  25. 4 Powerful Tools from Google to Teach Kids Coding

  26. http://goo.gl/sNMqaR

  27. Code Gym

  28. Blockly

  29. Made with Code

  30. MIT App Inventor


  32. other topics?


** Use Periscope on the show!

** Blab??

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