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Show Notes – S1E21 – Guest: None



  2. Theme Music

  3. Welcome/Intros:

  4. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools (Introduce ourselves by name)

  5. Show outline:

  6. TOPICS:

  7. Topics

  8. State of EdTech Survey – Released this week. Link:

  9. Survey completed by Sprint via Dive Brand Studio

  10. 173 District officials, principals and teachers surveyed

  11. #1 – 75% say budget limits are main concern

  12. #2 – 54% say inadequate training is next biggest hurdle

  13. #3 – 41% say teachers are resistant to change

  14. 41% said they do not believe there is a PLAN for how teachers can use technology in classroom for lessons and curriculum. 33%, however, said their district does have specific plans for edutech.

  15. 71% said there should be a department expressly devoted to classroom technology (presume integration).

  16. Nearly 42% said technology was sufficient for computerized testing. 13% said they disagreed or strongly disagreed

  17. When asked about which educational technologies were most beneficial to teaching and student learning, 62% said laptops, 55% said interactive whiteboards. 50% said tablets.

  18. Tech and EduTech Conferences

  19. Discuss SWOW and the others that come up throughout the year

  20. Upcoming guests –

  21. November 11 (next week!!) – Daisy Dyer Duerr, NASSP Digital Principal Award Winner, founder of the ArkEdChat on Twitter, former principal, and edutech leader!

  22. November 18 – Susan Gilley – Google Apps expert, certified trainer

  23. November 25 – Andrea Keller – Previous winner of Texas Computer Education Agency Classroom Teacher of the Year Award. We’ll talk to her about Connected Classrooms along with some of the other things she is up to.

  24. December 16 – Dave Burgess, founder of the Teach like a Pirate movement.

  25. Upcoming appearances –

  26. November 8 – SWOW in Hot Springs

  27. December 2-4 – AESA 30th Annual Conference in New Orleans

  28. March 4-7 – Arkansas Rock City Regional Contest of the FIRST robotics program at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds in Barton Coliseum

  29. Featured Artist:

  30. Wrap-up points

  31. Google App Feature of the week


  33. other topics?


** Use Periscope on the show!

** Blab??

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