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Show Notes – S1E18 – Guest: None



  2. Welcome/Intros:

  3. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools, both located in Hope, Arkansas. (Introduce ourselves by name)

  4. Show outline:

  5. We have got a PACKED show for you today, folks! We’re talking about TeacherCal, EddyCal, and other Google Classroom-based apps from EduSync, the D.L.P.A. annual contest called “GIF-it-up,” the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) coming up next week, a quick update on the Rave Panic Button app, and then we will spend the bulk of the show talking about Microsoft’s latest product launch. So, grab your favorite beverage and a bowl of snacks!

  6. TOPICS:

  7. EduSync, Eddycal, etc

  8. DPLA – GIF-it-Up (suggested by listener Mark Aubrey – @mdaubrey)

  9. Kicks off Oct 12

  10. Make animated GIFs from public domain images

  11. http://dp.la/info/gif-it-up/gif-it-up-2015/

  12. JNUC next week

  13. Interesting sessions we want to see?

  14. Live from JNUC info

  15. New Rave Panic “features” coming

  16. Press-and-hold to prevent accidental activation

  17. After 1.5 seconds, screen is grayed out and a tone sounds

  18. So, user makes a tone, altering would-be killer as to whereabouts?

  19. Microsoft Product Launch:

  20. http://live.arstechnica.com/microsoft-windows-10-hardware/

  21. Surface Book

  22. Surface Pro 4

  23. Microsoft Band

  24. Lumia 950 & 950XL

  25. Windows 10

  26. Installed on 110 Million devices since released

  27. HoloLens VR

  28. DISCUSS: Microsoft – Should they stick to software?

  29. MyStemKits.com

  30. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1484352170/mystemkitscom-3d-printing-for-k-12-education

  31. Featured Artist:

  32. Google App Feature of the week


  34. AESA, JNUC, Possibly SWOW appearances

  35. other topics?


** Use Periscope on the show!

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