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Show Notes – S1E11- Guest: Ginger Lewman



  2. Welcome/Intros:

  3. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools, both located in Hope, Arkansas. (Introduce ourselves by name)

  4. Show outline:

  5. Today, we’re talking with Ginger Lewman about project-based learning and how it is used in the classroom setting but also how it is used in teacher professional development. As always, we’ve also got other edutech topics to discuss and our Google tip of the week plus the featured artist this week, Nik Sea.

  6. TOPICS:

  7. Back in March, a 15-year old high school junior from Baltimore took an old piano that was at the school, connected it to a makey-makey, ran the thing through a Raspberry Pi and created a jukebox that plays songs from a Spotify playlist. You look at the video screen, find your song, then tap corresponding keys on the keyboard to select your tune. Google “DHF Jukebox Piano” and you’ll find information, videos, and more about this very cool project! Her name is Sierra SeaBreeze

  8. Play the AESA promo – Remember: New Orleans in December for AESA

  9. Comments, etc about the news items/lead-in to

  10. Ginger Interview Questions:

  11. Q: Since many folks listening may be new to the idea of PBL, how do you define PBL – or how do you explain PBL to the teachers in your professional development? Project, Problem and Passionate based Learning.

  12. Q: When you are leading a PBL workshop/program, what does that look like? What are some problems you have folks solve? Digital story to hook the kids.

  13. Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in getting teachers and administrators to understand and implement PBL?

  14. Q: How about big “Ah-Ha!” moments? Do you have a training that sticks out when someone who had been struggling suddenly got that look on their face and you knew they knew they got it?

  15. Q: What’s next on your calendar? Where will you be, where can folks find you?

  16. – Life Practice Lessons

  17. Featured Artist:

  18. Nik Sea “Letting Go” (3:56)

  19. Nik is from Pittsburgh and happens to be David’s cousin. (Interview with him

  20. Nik is heading into the studio to make his first full-length album this weekend. Then, in November, he and his group are booked at Harvey’s Tavern in West Mifflin on the 28th. In the mean time, he is working on dates for the Hard Rock in Pittsburgh (which he has played before), Jergels (“Jerguls”) Rhythm Grille and Stage AE for next year to help promote the album.

  21. Google App Feature of the week


  23. If time or want to, we can play “Just Love Me” from Nik Sea as well.

  24. other topics?


** Use Periscope on the show!

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