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Show Notes – S1 E10



  2. Welcome/Intros:

  3. Hello and welcome to this episode of EduTechGuys Radio brought to you by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative and Hope Public Schools, both located in Hope, Arkansas.

  4. Show outline:

  5. Today, we’re talking about changes to Google Classroom, a Mesa County Colorado bus tracking app, and more.  We’ll also hear our featured artist of the week, the Shane Howard Band and share a Google tip and whatever else we want to talk about this hour.

  6. TOPICS:

  7. #edcampperiscope – Recap

  8. Google Classroom now allows collab outside your domain

  9. Mesa County in Colorado upgraded their bus fleet this year. In terms of technology, they’ve now provided an app to parents so that parents can track their child’s bus anywhere. So, is this a good thing? A bad thing? Is this a so-called “helicopter parenting” thing? And, ultimately, why do this? what difference does this make? Did the district have a history of buses falling off their routes or of children coming up missing from bus routes? Discussion.

  10. David: Last week, Mark, a friend of mine, asked if any of the tech folks I know were using LibreOffice. As it turns out, a lot of them use it. It’s installed by default on several Linux distros, evidently, but also has Windows and Mac counterparts. From what I was told, it came about after an in-house dispute at OpenOffice. So, Mark, if you’re listening, the answer is yes – some of the tech folks I know are using it. A few specifically said they were checking out the latest version. I don’t know if that meant stable version or beta version, though.]

  11. What is your school doing this year that is different in Curriculum, technology, etc.?

  12. BIG NEWS: We will be live from New Orleans during the AESA Conference in December.

  13. Comments, etc about the news items/lead-in to

  14. Featured Artist:

  15. Shane Howard

  16. Google App Feature of the week


  18. other topics?


** Use Periscope on the show!

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