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  • Jeff Madlock

School starts IKEA MakerSpace Lab

The Weintraubenville North school district has taken the bull by the horns and created the first IKEA Maker Space Lab. The lab will challenge the students with varying levels of IKEA furniture builds. Principal Walter Bossman added, “Heck, have you ever tried to put together that stuff? Man you gotta have an engineering degree just to get your bookshelf built. We also need new furniture in the teacher lounges and offices throughout the campus. So this is a real moral booster for everyone involved.” Students look forward to the challenge and the benefits that assembling IKEA furniture will bring to their future. “I’m pretty sure I can make at least $100 a week when I graduate with this experience,” said junior Lance Rockwood.  The district hopes that if this maker space gains momentum they can also move forward with a few more project based, maker space ideas. Principal Bossman added, “We are really looking forward to putting our Subway sandwich maker space in motion. It also allows the instructors the opportunity to push the student’s creative sides with sandwich artist projects.” Looks like these kids will not only be creating delicious futures, but building the tables to enjoy them on.

*This piece is purely satirical. It is not meant to be taken seriously…

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