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  • Jeff Madlock

New Year, New Resolutions for Your Classroom

It’s 2017, and I’m sure most people have made their New Year’s resolutions. Educators do this especially after having a nice Christmas break to ponder what went right, went wrong and needs to be modified for the new year. Unfortunately, those resolutions should have been made on the fly during the previous semester. Now the attempt to implement technology, increase student growth, prepare for assessments, etc. will push back most progress made during the previous four months.  Here are a three (of many) ways to take advantage of those “resolutions” and help them help you help them.

Mindfulness – Some stress is good for you, but toxic stress is defeating us before we ever even get in the game. Toxic stress occurs when daily demands consistently outpace our ability to cope with those demands. This gets into some really heavy areas dealing with emotions, communication, kindness, joy, sadness, fear, dread, coping, talking… well you get the picture. TONS of information at Mindful Schools  It may be something you, your school and maybe your district wants/needs to look into.

Growth Mindset – I know, you are thinking now “He’s just throwing out all the keywords in education speak now.”  It may seem that way, but a lot of this has merit.  A growth mindset is one of those. The quick and the dirty of it: when students realize they can develop their intelligence and it isn’t just a fixed element, their achievement increases.  It’s not just about effort, but helping students approach other strategies and seek multiple outcomes to their problems. The wins and setbacks in the short and long term of it prepare students to deal with obstacles and continually seek achievement and hopefully personal success (self esteem). You can find much more here at Mindset Works.

These are just three suggestions that although they may seem radical (then again what new year’s resolutions aren’t?), may help to create that spark in you and/or your students and change 2017 for you. Good or bad, change is always exciting and, if dealt with appropriately, will render a different and usually better outcome. Happy New Year and good teaching to you!

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