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iTunes Installation Problem/Workaround

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A friend reached out to see if I could help solve a problem he was having with getting iTunes installed on Windows 7. iTunes would fail to install because certain services would simply not start during the process. Even if the install seemed to work, those services (namely Apple Mobile Device services) still wouldn’t launch.

I offered a few suggestions, including checking Event Viewer and the like, but nothing seemed to point in the right direction.

And then, I remembered something about Apple having an alternate version of iTunes that was buried deep on their site. It’s called “iTunes for older video cards.” Now, what video cards have to do with it seems to be an utter mystery to just about everyone I’ve come across who has dealt with this. The point, however, is that it works. It’s almost like a “Safe Mode” installer or something.

Regardless, if you are having trouble getting iTunes installed, you may want to give this version a shot (even if “video playback” isn’t your error!):

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