• Jeff Madlock

ISTE 2017 – “Look Ma, No Hands”

After a great day at the #BadgeSummit, a good nights sleep and a quick Lyft ride, I’m here. I registered, picked up my Volunteer packet and made my way to the “Refereshing the ISTE Standards for Administrator” session. WOW! ISTE knows how to put on a conference. Lots of WiFi, lots of signage, directions, people, etc. I’m looking forward to the sessions this afternoon, meeting people and sharing their #edtech adventures. Heck, it’s a ton of fun just to talk shop! So much to learn and share.

I’ll try and keep up with the action, but things move quickly around here! I will be volunteering at 3:30 p.m. today. Looking forward to that experience. You know how I like to meet people and talk! More to come, stay tuned. I’ll reach out once again and ask you to stop me or message me on Twitter and share your #edtech adventures!


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