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  • Jeff Madlock

Ipad 2 -> Is it enough to sell the family cat?

Apple’s newest upgrade has really got the world a buzz. If you already owned an iPad then you are definitely Jones’n for the bright new shiny from Apple. If you haven’t had the opportunity to own an iPad yet, then this edition really gets you moving the couch cushions and searching for the extra change. The speed bump is nice. The redesign is nice. The magnetic case? Nice. Cameras? Now that addition really hits home. I have been saying all along “I hope the new version has a camera.” Well, now that it does, I can’t find much use for it. Kinda like the 3G broadband.  I have a Droid with Wifi AP capabilities.  Don’t need an iPad with the 3G. I also do not see myself shooting movies with the iPad, nor taking pictures with it. Scanning bar codes, yeah. Making “True Grit 2:Back to the Bottle.” Nope.

SO, all that to say. If you don’t have an iPad, get one. If you have one, keep using it and wait a little longer before you make the plunge and “upgrade.” The iPad, any iPad, is worth it’s weight in gold!

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