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Having Fun and Promoting Your Educational Brand

Whether you’re creating/presenting professional development for your school or district, hosting a podcast, creating YouTube videos for students and teachers, keynoting a national conference, or doing the real work in class each and every day with your students, promoting your brand is always important and can be a LOT of fun.

Many educators use social media to share their ideas, teaching strategies, and lessons. Twitter chats and Facebook live videos help teachers share and discover new and exciting techniques, teaching strategies and the people behind them. While conference tchotchke and funny bitmojis help promote that leader’s brand and keep their message at the front of our minds, it also makes it fun and approachable. One way to really make an impact is to incorporate stickers from sites like Sticker Mule. Stickers are a fun, inexpensive way to make one’s online presence tangible.

If you’re a classroom teacher, the real excitement comes when your students get in on the fun! Students love graphics, videos, stickers, and any cool trappings that celebrate and reward their hard work. We have seen firsthand the way some students (at ANY grade level) come to expect their reward stickers. In one instance, the students were VERY vocal when their instructor forgot to hand out the stickers for the period. Oh, did we mention this was a high school Science class?

Not only can branding yourself make you more attainable to your peers, but it can also really open up the possibilities with encouraging and creating a level of sharing and respect with your students. Using bitmojis, personalized graphics and even branded stickers can attach a level of importance and fun to student work, participation and classroom/team dynamics. What’s really cool is with sites like Sticker Mule, you can use a variety of styles: square, rounded corners, and even die-cut!

If you’re looking to promote your brand as an educator or build community in your classroom, here is a selection of sites and tools you can jump into quickly:

  1. Twitter ( – Social Media

  2. Facebook ( – Social Media

  3. Instagram ( – Social Media *works best on a mobile device

  4. Bitmoji ( – Emoji Character Creation

  5. Canva ( – Graphic design and publishing

  6. Soundtrap ( – An online cross-platform music/podcast studio

  7. Sticker Mule ( – Custom Stickers

So don’t waste any time. Take the holiday break to build or refresh your brand and the way you promote it. It’s fun, easy and the communication benefits will help you spread your educational story from your classroom to the world.

As required by law: EduTechGuys received promotional consideration from Sticker Mule, Soundtrap and Canva.

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