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  • Jeff Madlock

Google Calendar Shows Wrong Language (How to Fix)

Ran into an interesting problem where a user’s Google Calendar displayed the wrong language. The user is not sure how it changed, but here is how to change your Calendar back to English (or whatever your native language happens to be):

First, locate the GEAR icon on the right of the Calendar window, near the top.

Second, CLICK the gear and locate the TOP item in the list (This is the SETTINGS menu):

showing settings gear with top item selected

Next, locate the TOP menu item (This is the LANGUAGE menu):

showing top menu item is language selection menu

CLICK the language menu and scroll to find your desired language (in our case, English (US)):

menu showing english as selected choice

After changing the language, you must CLICK the BACK MENU button in the upper left above your list of calendars/events:

upper left back button in settings

After you return to your Calendar, everything should be in the language you selected!

Corrected Language Display

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