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FETC 2018 – ETG in the FLA!

We’re baaa-aaack! That’s right! EduTechGuys are VERY excited to be back at the Orange County Convention Center to host live, online coverage of the 2018 Future of Education Technology Conference! If you have not been to FETC, I suggest you RUN into your supervisor’s office and beg, no DEMAND, to be allowed to attend this awesome professional growth opportunity. Unlike many conference, FETC offers such a variety of delivery methods for the attendees: Breakouts, Workshops, Posters, Mini-Sessions, Demo Slams, and more. Several tracks allow conference-goers to stay focused on their area of expertise and specialty, but also allow folks to pick and choose sessions based on interests.

This year, EduTechGuys will once again provide LIVE, ongoing online coverage from the conference! Tune in to during the conference to hear interviews with presenters and attendees, get updates about changes to session locations, keep up with the evening events, and so much more. Drop by our table (which should be located in the main entrance area at the top of the escalators to the exhibit hall) for a chat, pick up a sticker, or just to say “HI.”

Whether you are going to FETC or not, be sure to tune in to during the conference. It’s almost like being there!

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