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Feb 26, 2017 #txeduchat EduTechGuys Recap

We took part in the #txeduchat on February 26, 2017. Here is a recap of the questions and our responses:

Q1: How important is it that we help kids develop as student leaders? A1: Helping kids develop as student leaders is the number one way to increase life long learning in the community!

Q2: How can we best assist learners in growing their leadership skills/abilities? A2: Provide SS with chances to grow and find themselves as leaders in the classroom and community as a whole

Q3: What part does student voice play in empowering students as future leaders? A3: SS #voice gives them ownership of their choices and develops their leadership skills! Every voice should be heard!

Q4: Share something you do (or are planning) that empowers students to lead. A4: Give Ss a voice via #podcasting give them a way to empower themselves and grow a voice in the digital age!

Q5: What roles do student leaders play in your classroom, campus, or district? A5: The best role our Ss play is that of educational leader. As soon as they “win” they teach and we all learn. Their story grows!

Q6: Have your student leaders impacted your community? Share an example. A6: When we see students take control of their digital citizenship and social media, the community wins! @GoEnnounce is a great fit! They have integrated the community into the classroom, the community is able to see a new side of the classroom. They gave the classroom a new face in the digital age with their voice! #txeduchat via #podcasting

Q7: Which educators/schools are “getting it right” in helping students develop leadership? Give them a shout out! A7: @DrKMattson is helping students develop leadership on the #digcit front and everyone in #txeduchat seems to be on track!

Q8: What will you do this week to help your students become leaders in school, the community, & in life? A8: It’s we all do each day. Step 1: SHOW UP. Step 2: help Ss tell their story. Step 3: Grow leaders, even if only in their lives.

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