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Feb 26, 2017 #iaedchat EduTechGuys Recap

On February 26, 2017, the EduTechGuys took part in the Twitter portion of the YouTube Live #iaedchat ( Here are some of the responses, ideas, and suggestions we contributed to the conversation about hacking PBL.

Prepare yourself to take it easy. Let it organically move itself forward. Once the Students take control it will.

The buy in is the key. But that is also the beauty of “Problem”


With services like @Seesaw @Google apps, @Twitter, @Snapchat,etc. (student) feedback is super easy!

Finding “projects” that will entice your students is a task. @EASTinitiative has been tackling this for years. There’s one resource.

Grading is passe. Look at art & music to to find alternate assessment options. They have been doing it for years.

Let that poster project be the elevator pitch and push the semester/year forward with the “project” encompassing the “startup”

Problem, product, open-ended= edupreneur! PBL is the incubator for our student (and teacher) startups!

All projects must become personal at some point. S engagement will bust the ceiling once it becomes part of their story.

Homework can transfer to students sharing their adventures through the “projects.” Let their creativity shine & “likes” grade.

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