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  • Jeff Madlock

Conference Radio!

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Live radio at my next conference? Why in the world would I need that?

You need it to provide your presenters, vendors and attendees an outlet to be heard and promote their agenda in a one on one setting. We find that most presenters have much more to tell about their topic than can be conveyed in the group setting. When engaged in a one on one interview, the questions that are posed bring out a much more in depth discussion and understanding of the topics and agendas these talented people have to offer. Vendors also like the opportunity to more clearly define the role of their company an product in education.

The discussions are then parsed out and posted as separate podcasts. This allows the interviewee to use this podcast audio in the future for promotional or educational uses. Also, this gives the listeners a much shorter, manageable selection to acquire information from presenters and vendors. The uses of podcast interviews through social media are endless. Many people find this a wonderful addition to any conference or convention.

Contact the EduTechGuys today to find out how we can enhance your next event.


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